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Natives of Swati Nakshatra Shine like a Pearl

29 November 2009 No Comment

Swati-NakshatraSwati Nakshatra is categorized among auspicious Nakshatras. There is a popular belief about this nakshatra, that if a raindrop falls on a pearl oyster in this nakshatra then a pure pearl is formed. And if a raindrop falls on bamboo it enhances its sweetness. It is also said that those born in Swati Nakshatra shine like a pearl.

Swati Nakshatra is the second Nakshatra of Rahu and 15th in the constellation. Libra is the sign of this Nakshatra. People born in this Nakshatra are passionate and moral. They have deep faith in spirituality. If you are born in Swati Nakshatra, then you will be very hard-working and will have the ability to achieve success through your hard-work.

Due to the influence of Rahu you have wisdom. You also play an active role in politics. You always stay alert and careful. Whether you participate in politics directly or indirectly, you will have some traits of political personality. You know how to reap benefits from others. You are hard-working and also very clever.

If you are a native of Swati Nakshatra, then you will achieve great success, power and position.

You will be able to make good social relationships with everyone because you are a good human being. Due to your positive qualities and your honesty towards your relationships, people trust you a lot. You also have a sense of compassion and empathy for others. Due to your good thoughts for others you will get public support and your image will also be bright.

You are very broad-minded and independent. You do not like to work under any pressure and others’ supervision. The natives of Swati Nakshatra will achieve great success whether they do job or run business. They are very ambitious and want to touch heights in their career.

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Natives of Swati Nakshatra are also very lucky in financial matters. They earn good amount of money with their intelligence and smartness.

Natives of Swati Nakshatra are very responsible towards their family. They have great affection and love for their family. They live a luxurious life with all material comforts. They also have the ability to defeat their enemies.

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