Conjunction of Jupiter and Sun As Per Lal Kitab

Conjunction of Jupiter and Sun in the First House
If Jupiter and Sun are in conjunction in the first house, then the person will be rich and will get respect in the society. He will have happiness and peace in the house, but he should not take or give anything for free.
Conjuction of Jupiter and Sun in the Second House
If these two planets are in conjunction in the second house, then he will enjoy winsome life.

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Prashna Kundali on Respect and Honor

A famous proverb says, “You can earn money if you lose it but if you lose your dignity and respect you cannot earn it back”.
Dignity and respect is something that should always be maintained till death, but in reality very few people succeed in this. We face different circumstances in life, which sometimes get us respect and honor and sometimes affect our self-respect and dignity.

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You must have seen it many times that people wish you good luck by showing their thumb. Actually thumb is the leader of the whole palm and it gives desires and strength to the mind. In palmistry, every part of the thumb has special importance.
Palm astrology considers thumb as a store house of knowledge. Its every part is mysterious. Its precise knowledge is important to understand palmistry. If you want to understand palmistry deeply then you should consider different parts of thumb.
When you consider the thumb, firstly, look at your …

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Sthir Dasha is one of the main Dashas of Jaimini astrology. First determine Brahma, Rudra and Maheshwara for predictions under this dasha. Let us consider how they are determined.
Brahma: Consider which sign is stronger between the Ascendant and the seventh. Strong sign will be acknowledged through calculations. Lord which is stronger between the sixth lord, the lord of the 8th house and the lord of the 12th house will be assessed and considered as the Brahma.
The strongest lord between these three lords will be the Brahma. But there is one …

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In Lal Kitab Astrology when planets are debilitated or inauspicious in the birth-chart, remedies are used for their peace.

In Lal Kitab you will get all the remedies to cure the malefic influence of planets in different houses. In this article we will discuss about the remedies for the malefic influence of Mercury.

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Taurus in the Ascendant
When Taurus is present in the Ascendant then the person will be trustworthy. He will be practical. He has lots of patience and wants security. He believes in taking advice from his family.
Taurus in the Fourth House
When Taurus is located in the fourth house, the person will get an opportunity to work on long-term projects. The fourth house is the house of buildings, therefore, Taurus of Venus gives a chance to work on building projects.
He likes to live on his principles. If this Yoga is formed in …

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Signs located in Kendra are more auspicious than other signs. Their influence will be higher than other signs. The analysis of Kendra houses can be done to determine the power of Janam Kundali. If Kendra is strong then it strengthens the willpower of the person in tough circumstances. Let’s see the results of signs in Kendra Houses.